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Do any of the following apply to your organization?

  • Organizational silos and lack of collaboration?

  • Unclear business KPIs across teams?

  • Lack of proper project management tools?

  • ​Lack of necessary data and document access across teams?

  • Unclear cross-functional understanding e.g. across IT and business functions?

  • Unclear roles and responsibilities?

  • Unhealthy or ineffective leadership behaviors?

  • Unhealthy employee behaviors?

  • ​Change overload?

  • ​Low employee motivation and innovation?

  • Status quo/fearful mentality?

  • Unnecessary red tape in processes?

  • “Fluffy” and unhelpful results from other consultants that did little to solve any problems??

In many companies, the above problems are simply brushed off as the status quo‘the way things are.’

Most are not aware of just how much the above issues are hurting organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and business growth.

CultureCounts brings in a unique and holistic organizational assessment that allows our clients to actually quantify the impacts of pain points in people, culture, processes, and tools on the business – to start taking the highest-value actions right away.

“Our Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!”

– Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco

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