As a career coach in Irvine and Orange County, I have found clients often come to me when they are already fed up and frustrated.

They have tried things on their own already: spending hours applying to jobs online, perfecting their resumes, reaching out to people on Linkedin. Yet, nothing has seemed to pan out.

Sometimes, they have even joined expensive career search sites but without any luck. The job search process in New York City is especially competitive and grueling, especially when job seekers get so little visibility into what companies want!

And that is why it is absolutely essential to work with a career coach. Quite simply put, career coaches have resources and intelligence that you simply don’t have. We know the companies, the recruiters, and the hiring processes like the back of our hands, and we can advise you on where you’re going wrong. Here are some of the ways it can be invaluable to find a career coach: 

1. Develop clarity and confidence.

The first step in finding the right career or next role is really zeroing in on what it is you want. In the course of your job search, you’ll be presented with hundreds of options of roles, companies, and titles. It’s easy to get sidetracked or lose sight of what would actually fit you and keep you highly engaged in the long run. Often, job searchers are so desperate to just find ANYTHING, and end up applying any and everywhere! This is a big mistake. Not only does it take up tons of time, but the return on investment is low when you choose quantity over quality.

A career coach can help you discover where your TRUE strengths and talents lie, as well as what you are truly passionate about – your ideal career choice that will be profitable for you, using a series of scientific career coaching assessments. With that clarity and focus, you’ll be able to go after and GET the roles that are exactly tailor-made for you, with a new sense of confidence.

2. Talk to the right people.

Another huge mistake job searchers make is not knowing who to contact when they want to work at a company. They might go on Linkedin and reach out to people who are unable to help them with the particular role they are interested in.

A career coach will guide you on exactly where you should be looking, according to: your industry, your career level, the companies you are targeting, your skill set, and more. You may also be able to access and leverage a broader network of contacts for your job search, which is invaluable!

3. Write your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile the RIGHT way

This is a BIG one. Many job searchers spend hours and hours crafting their resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles, only to hear crickets when they apply for roles! It is all too common that a person is completely confident in these documents, and yet they never hear back from the roles they apply to. They get frustrated and have no idea what they did wrong.

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: most often, recruiters are not reading your materials you submit, at all. They are running them through an automated system which scans only for very specific keywords and attributes. If your resume doesn’t have them, you immediately go in the “no” pile.

That’s why you need the tools and expertise of a career coach to guide you on your application process and give you the insider insight and tips you need to stand out to recruiters immediately. A career coach will help you perfect every aspect of your portfolio, as well as your online reputation, so there are 0 red flags and you get moved to the next stage of the hiring process. Imagine all the time saved and peace of mind earned!

4. Get honest feedback on red flags

Clients often come to us confused and unsure about where they are going wrong, and often, it is something they would never expect. Maybe a gap in their career history; maybe a problem with their interviewing style; maybe a Facebook post or photo that is mistakenly set to public; maybe something worse that they have no clue about!

A career coach is a friend and guide who will help you pinpoint exactly what might be holding you back, using our expertise. We offer honest input and feedback because our #1 goal is to help you get the career you want, even if it means overcoming some hurdles. We conduct a thorough assessment of your materials, as well your overall brand and reputation, and give you invaluable insights on being able to really showcase your skills and high potential.

5. Get expert interview coaching and communication training

Finally, the area that clients struggle with most: interviews! Interviews typically are high-pressure conversations that cause most clients some anxiety and fear. A career coach helps you develop your communication skills through leadership coaching, voice training, one-on-one practice and more. You get the feedback you need by role-playing interviews live multiple times, with a non-judgmental and experienced career expert. This service is invaluable for clients who struggle with communicating confidently during interviews, as we help you truly develop yourself as a leader!


If you’re interested in our career coaching services(and you should be), sign up below. Let’s see what it’s like to work together and if we’re a mutual fit.