Implementing AI in HealthCare


We were brought in to a large hospital to help shape and implement a change management strategy that would enable the AI-based IBM Watson analytics tool to tie into electronic health records and provide clinicians deep patient insights across the organization more quickly.

Objectives: They aimed to leverage AI to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve clinical decision-making through advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics.
  • Ensure data privacy and security in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

    Our Approach:

    Clinical Decision Support: We helped integrate AI-powered diagnostic tools into the hospital’s workflow through agile training. Radiology and pathology departments benefited from image recognition software that improved the accuracy and speed of diagnosis. Predictive analytics were employed to identify high-risk patients and personalize treatment plans, reducing readmission rates.

    Data Security: Compliance with healthcare regulations was ensured through AI-driven cybersecurity solutions. These systems monitored data access, detected unusual activities, and provided real-time alerts to protect patient information in compliance with HIPAA. We helped set up a data and AI governance teams to escalate issues related to access and usage of patient data.


    Clinical Excellence: They saw a remarkable improvement in diagnostic accuracy and speed. AI-assisted radiology and pathology reduced errors by 30% and cut report turnaround times in half. Predictive analytics enabled proactive patient management, lowering readmission rates by 20%.

    Data Security: We were able to successfully stand up governance to protect patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance. There were no data breaches or security incidents reported after the implementation of AI-driven cybersecurity measures.

      Conclusion: The adoption of AI led to a significant transformation in healthcare operations, clinical decision-making, patient care, and data security. The successful integration of AI not only improved efficiency and accuracy but also elevated the overall quality of healthcare services. 




      “Our Playbook was going nowhere until you came in. THANK YOU for changing its quality dramatically and helping us actually take off with this initiative!”

      – Rik Nuytten, EVP, Information Strategy at Cisco

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