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The Urgent Need for Change Management in Healthcare

While the recent coronavirus pandemic has transformed almost every industry, healthcare has definitely experienced the biggest jolt.   Possibly a “rude awakening” to the dire need for a culture change.  To a world of greater agility, collaboration, and efficiency.

Healthcare was already facing pressure in 2019 with existing industry trends. Increasing consolidation, price transparency, and demand for digital services, to name a few. If a health system had not caught up by then, they certainly were forced to in the past this year.  The pandemic has offered providers and payors no choice but to adapt to dramatically changed circumstances.


Our work has spanned large university hospitals, mental health clinics, private practices, and up and coming telehealth businesses.

Using our change management expertise in health care across analytics, strategy, and operations, we help you:

  • Implement communications, processes, and systems  to collaborate between departments and health systems
  • Develop a secure yet flexible data strategy that serves the organization’s needs
  • Identify operational inefficiencies and implement new tools and processes
  • Optimize team and individual engagement using agile coaching and learning strategies
  • Quickly identify what’s not working and solve it, using a multidisciplinary and measured change management approach designed for healthcare organizations.

Change Managment in Healthcare – Case Study


After a major merger, a large hospital was experiencing slowdowns in patient service delivery, as well as rising operating costs. The VP of IT brought us in to help shape and implement a change management strategy that would enable improved data quality and more efficient access, while at the same time maintaining financial and legal compliance in the new environment.

Our Approach

Our Agile Organizational Assessment showed us that despite the existence of a central hub for patient data, there existed multiple versions of data across siloed systems that teams were using. Additionally, there was no common enforced process in place for data access, putting security and compliance at risk. Thus, teams resorted to using their own versions that lived in their siloed systems, resulting in inaccuracies, reduced efficiency, and patient complaints.

As a first step, we conducted a cross-functional workshop to identify pain points across the data lifecycle that were resulting in inaccuracies. The outcome of this meeting was a clear identification of key data fields that we needed to focus on for governance and quality improvement and key areas where change management would be needed.

Based on these priorities, we developed a high-level data governance strategy and organizational design. We began by developing a Data Governance Council, facilitating a series of meetings to gain consensus on data ownership and stewardship roles and responsibilities.

Thereafter, we designed and documented an improved business process and policy framework for data request and access. This required facilitating decision-making between multiple stakeholders across operations, security, and compliance through a series of meetings.

Based on the process mapped out, we were able to help the client quickly implement an appropriate interim Sharepoint tool across the organization, leading change management for this initiative over a period of 6 months.

We also worked with the client to conduct an in-depth requirements analysis to select a longer-term data governance solution.


As a result of having a documented process and automated tool in place, plus our change management strategy, our healthcare client was able to improve data quality and access efficiency between teams.  Data access time decreased from 3 weeks on average to just 2 days.

This allowed for stronger collaboration and more efficient transitions between departments and medical centers, which directly impacted patient care quality and reduced costs.


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