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The Interview Mastery Formula- A Career Coach’s Guide

Let’s face it — job interviews are NOT FUN. As a career coach in DC, I see job seekers struggling with this all-important stage of getting a job, more than anything else. The problem is that most often in interviews, you’re meeting with a complete stranger who is...

Diversity Training and the Need for Storytelling

The comedian Keegan Michael Key spoke recently regarding his personal experience with police discrimination. He claimed that despite being pulled over by the police often due to being Black, the officer typically recognizes him from his work and lets him go. He...

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training in the Workplace

Why is emotional intelligence or “EQ” important? Why does knowing our own emotions and others’ emotions matter? For many, especially those of us who are highly driven “doers,” it can seem counterintuitive: to slow ourselves down, and notice things as “abstract” and...

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Career Coach ASAP

As a career coach in Irvine and Orange County, I have found clients often come to me when they are already fed up and frustrated. They have tried things on their own already: spending hours applying to jobs online, perfecting their resumes, reaching out to people on...

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