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Interactive Workplace Diversity and Cross-Cultural Communication Facilitation


Our team comprises ex-HR executives with deep multicultural experience and diverse backgrounds, plus MBAs to ensure that our facilitation are relevant and rich.

What our Cultural Competency Training is NOT:

– This training is NOT for learning business or function-specific skills. While you will get advice specific to your functional area, the course a group experience for the purpose of improving leadership effectiveness.


– This training  is NOT purely instructional and one-sided. It emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and interaction. We look for leaders who are willing to contribute to the discussion.


– This training is NOT for leaders who don’t want to challenge their beliefs. It is meant to be both a personal and  professional journey.


What our Cultural Competency training IS: 

– A safe circle for self-expression of beliefs, viewpoints, and feelings

 – Versatile training in diversity, culture, emotional intelligence/soft skills and storytelling

– A leadership development experience accelerated by sharing and support from a caring peer community.

– A customizable training program for your specific developmental needs.

Some of our Modules

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The Future of Work - Why Culture Matters and How It's Evolving

Free introductory session, organizational culture assessment, and discussion on the current trends in workplace culture and DEI 

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Womxn's Leadership Circle

This module is a deep dive for womxn managers and leaders to explore what womxn’s leadership brings to the organization, and to explore challenges they currently face.  


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Subcultures - Looking Deeper

Teams who spend more time together will often have subcultures. As a leader, it’s important to be aware of these.

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How to Change Your Company Culture

Unless you’ve been working actively on it, your culture may be suffering. The implications, of course, are negative reputation which can spread fast in today’s world of social media. How do you repair an already toxic culture? 


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Trauma, Bias, and the Brain

A deep exploration of how bias forms in the brain and how to address it.

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African American Leadership Circle

This workshop is a deep dive for African American managers and leaders to explore challenges and opportunities within the workplace to redefine African American leadership. 

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Maintaining Culture as you Scale

The most common challenge for companies is maintaining the initial culture through rapid change and scaling. This module teaches you how to traverse these challenging growth periods. 


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Your Diversity Story

Each individual has a diversity story to share. What’s yours?


Want to explore if our cross-cultural communication workshops are a fit?

We pride ourselves in creating safe havens for diverse points of view to coexist within an organization. Through our work with your organization, we’d find ways to improve gaps in diversity and inclusion and significantly improve organizational culture.

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