Our Culture Transformation Approach


Customized. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all or canned approach! We design bespoke strategies for your organization’s specific needs. 


Holistic. We tie culture to business metrics. We help you improve teams, processes, and even technology to enable culture transformation.


Innovative. We use highly engaging methods and tools drawing from multiple disciplines, based on the latest research in adult learning and change.


Analytical. We start with an assessment and track metrics to ensure your culture transformation is accomplishing its goals. 

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Our Unique Formula for Culture Transformation:

Some of Our Workshops

The Future of Work - Are You Ready?

Interactive session for teams to assess their readiness and proficiency in the skills of the future.


Developing the AI Mindset

A set of customized, interactive games designed to teach teams how to optimize use of AI-based tools. 


DE&I and Cultural Competency Training

A rich and interactive exploration and training to learn the most effective ways to work across diverse cultures, regions, and backgrounds. 



Help teams improve tool adoption while having fun with customized hackathon events for your organization!


Leadership Alignment Workshop

We use objective measures to understand and bring different leadership styles together to resolve conflict and align on important business decisions.



Team Visioning and Metrics

We dive into the “current” and “to be” for your team across people, processes, and IT to form an aligned vision and clear goals to work towards. 


Conflict Workshop

An especially useful and engaging workshop for resolving conflict and resentment between teams and individuals using tools like non-violent communication and authentic relating.



Teach vital team and cross-team collaboration skills through a fun and interactive improv workshop!


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