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DEI Training & Cultural Competency Training 

What Clients Are Saying

Wonderful training. Helped us see the direct connection of DEI to business growth. Highly recommend her!

Ananya Bubna, CEO of Groupon India

“Illuminating and eye-opening workshop with exercises that made us aware of how bias impacts us.”

~Dan Mueller, Founder, Gaming Startup

“You are magic! You helped me improve my confidence and step into being a more inclusive, simply better leader.”

Cheryl Lampkin, Sr. Research Director

The Program

Our DEI trainings combine business expertise, the latest science in adult learning, analytics, and exercises and events for an engaging and effective experience, everytime. We have reached 94% employee engagement in our DEI trainings!

We Include…


  • Interactive training, 1:1 coaching, and workplace events based on latest advances in adult learning theory
  • Our scientific, AI-based assessments uncover deep insights on organizational culture
  • Best practices in leadership and career development from Accenture, McKinsey, and KPMG
  • Storytelling to help reduce bias and improve inclusion 

Unleash the hidden power of your organization’s culture to drive growth!

dei training

Some of our DEI Workshops


Intro to DEI and How it Impacts YOUR Organization

A foundational session and interctive discussion to understand how and why DE&I impacts your organization’s performance. 

DEI Best Practices

We discuss all the ingredients for successful DEI in the workplace from hiring to team management and beyond. 


Forming Diverse and Inclusive Teams

How managers can use tools and EQ to improve diversity in hiring and inclusion in the team environment. 


Equitable Performance Management

Learn best practices and tools for designing a fair and equitable performance management process. 



BIPOC and Women's Circles

We facilitate special workshops for BIPOC and women within organizations to share experiences and discuss ways of addressing challenges. 

Unconscious Bias

Learn how to recognize unconscious bias in yourself and others, and the best ways to reduce bias in the workplace. 


Cultural Competency

Learn the most effective ways to work with a team of diverse cultures and backgrounds. 


Emotional Intelligence

EQ is a driving factor in leadership and team success. Learn basic EQ skills through a series of applied exercises.


Cultural Storytelling

An event focused on giving a voice to minority employees with the goal of creating greater understanding and bonding. 



Our Happiness Guarantee



We believe in the potential of people and we care deeply. 

We know that authenticity and trust are the only things that sell.

So, we promise that we will only take you as a client if we think you are a great match for our services. If for some reason you’re not happy with your results, we’ll keep working with you until you are.



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