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Workplace diversity and inclusion training and consulting has traditionally been about “checking boxes,” rather than creating real impact and ROI. But we’re finding more and more that simply checking boxes is not meeting customer and employee needs, as markets become more diverse and demanding of startups and small businesses.

Read our article in Forbes to learn about our data-driven approach. 

Inclusion and diversity training for startups is about more than hiring and filling quotas, more than a one-off workshop, and more than a survey here and there. It is a shift in culture, which means it needs to be continuously embedded in an organization’s design, processes, and tools in order to produce ROI.  

Here are just some of the ways our DEI approach is different:

– Our focus combines numbers with emotional intelligence and soft skills coaching, team building, and overall operational analysis to substantially improve your business performance.

– We ensure you’re optimizing the right metrics by understanding the business impact of diversity and inclusion on your specific organization

– We use a strong data-driven approach, utilizing advanced analytics to drive diversity equity and inclusion strategy.  Our background in data, analytics, AI, and neurolinguistic programming helps us to accelerate results and impact. 

– We use an interactive and multidisciplinary, patented Agile Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training® approach so we continue to adjust and improve on strategy

– CultureStrategy is itself Women-Owned and Minority Business Enterprise, so we understand firsthand how to create diverse, inclusive organizations!

We help HR executives like you pioneer your agile Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and overall strategy across the entire employee experience. 



Our Agile Diversity Equity and Inclusion® Training Approach 



What many proponents of Agile don’t realize is how interconnected agile practices are to diversity and inclusion within the organization. Our Signature Agile Diversity Equity and Inclusion® training focuses on a process of gathering continuous feedback and adapting strategy accordingly, ensuring optimal employee engagement. Through our highly interactive and effective trainings, we help transform team behaviors to become more collaborative, responsive, and inclusive. And using our analytical assessment tools, we are actually able to measure and report the impact of diversity and inclusion training to your bottom line.


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We work with companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise. 

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Why is DEI is so Hard?

Reason #1: The Definition —  DEI is More.  Today, in spite of all our society has been through, we talk about diversity in a very limited fashion. That’s why it becomes a box to check rather than an actual strategic imperative. Did we hire enough black people?...



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