Embodied Leadership Training

Practical strategies + creative exercises to uncover your authentic, innate embodied leadership potential.


The Program 

 Our embodied leadership training program is offered through our non-profit partner, Shakti Arts Lab, and is especially designed for women and underrepresented minority leaders. 

It Includes…


  • Our scientific, research-backed assessments uncover deep insights on your leadership and work style
  • Best practices in leadership and career development from Accenture, McKinsey, and KPMG
  • Voice and storytelling training to help you become a more powerful communicator
  • Embodied leadership training through movement and body awareness exercises
  • Unleash your hidden power of emotional intelligence and become the ideal, respected leader in your field
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Vision and Strategy

We start with the foundation of who you are and what you want to bring into your organization or society. 

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Your Signature Message

This module helps you articulate and refine your message to make it maximally impactful. 


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Body Language and Movement

Get comfortable and at ease in your body through mind-body exercises and see how your leadership transforms.


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Speaking on the Fly

Life is unpredictable and full of challenges when we are out to prove ourselves. How can we learn to show up as our best when we don’t know what to expect?

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Communicate through Conflict and Awkwardness

The world of business and relationships is full of potential conflict. Learn how best to sail through with the right skills!


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Execution and Barriers

Do what you say you want to do. What stands in the way? We find out and work on eradicating all barriers to success. 


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Emotional Intelligence

Communication is about at least 2 people. How best can you align with the other individual? 


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Your Story

Every person has a unique story. Learn how to tell yours in the most compelling way. 


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Selling You

Get past your mental limitations and put yourself out in the world!  How can you convince others to buy in to what you’ve got? 



Our Happiness Guarantee



We believe in the potential of people and we care deeply. 

We know that authenticity and trust are the only things that sell.

So, we promise that we will only take you as a client if we think you are a great match for our services. If for some reason you’re not happy with your results, we’ll keep working with you until you are.



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