The Future of Work

Emotional Intelligence Training + Management Skills for Leaders

Take team leadership to the next level with the unique set of skills you need to thrive in the “new normal.” 

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Emotional Intelligence Training + Management Skills for Leaders


First, what this training is NOT:

– This training is NOT for leaders who don’t want to challenge their beliefs. It is meant to be both a personal and  professional journey.


– This training is NOT purely EQ and soft skills. The modules cover the most pressing issues for business leaders today and how they can best be addressed both through emotional intelligence and through using certain tools and frameworks.


– This training  is NOT purely instructional and one-sided. It emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and interaction. We screen for leaders who are willing to contribute to the discussion.


– This training is NOT all or nothing. You are free to choose to attend the modules you are interested in. However, we highly recommend enrolling in the complete program for continuity with your peer group.


What this training IS: 

– A complete, 20-week exploration and development of your leadership style for the “new normal.”

 – Multifaceted emotional intelligence training covering self-awareness, empathy, communication, active listening, and more. 

– A leadership development experience accelerated by confidential sharing and support from a caring peer community.

– A customizable training program for your specific developmental needs.

Course Modules

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The Future of Work Leader - Introduction and Assessment

Introductory session and discussion on the attributes of the leader of the future. An assessment of where you stand on these attributes and your strength areas and growth areas.


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Emotionally-Intelligent Performance Management

The most popular module.  Learn both the most effective processes to use for performance management, and how to engage in emotionally intelligent mentoring conversations with your direct reports. 


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Communication and Storytelling

A leader needs to know how to communicate to inspire action. Learn powerful communication and storytelling skills to dramatically boost leadership effectiveness.


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How to Foster Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration

Much more than a standard diversity and inclusion training. This module shows you how to foster true cross-functional collaboration at your organization. 


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How to Lead Through Massive Change

Change is the new normal. How can you lead effectively and empathetically through rapidly changing market and organizational conditions?


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Developing Culture

Tips, best practices, and tools for creating a collaborative and inspiring culture within your team and organization. 


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How to Manage Effectively with a Remote Workforce

The remote workplace presents new challenges for managers and leaders. Find the balance between micromanaging and letting go.


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Facilitating Great Team Meetings

How can you get better engagement and make sure your meetings are more effective? Learn how to drive collaboration and decision-making with expert facilitation skills.