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We are a small yet mighty group of strategic HR leaders, ex-management consultants, and agile coaches / change management experts.
We’ve held leadership positions with top companies including Cisco, Accenture, Groupon, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Our strategic HR coaching program is NOT for learning function-specific skills. While you will get advice specific to your functional area, the purpose of the course to teach advanced skills to improve organizational agility and effectiveness.


Our HR training focuses heavily on training in the agile principles and how they can be directly applied to HR strategy and operations.

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The Future of Work - Are You Ready?

Introductory session and readiness assessment of where you are as an HR professional and where your organization stands. Discover your growth areas and define your personal objectives for the course.


Talent Acquisition and AI

This important module delves into how to streamline the talent acquisition process and make better hiring decisions using new people analytics and AI-based tools and assessments.


Agile Performance Management

Gone are the days of mysterious performance management processes. Today’s employees demand transparency and coaching. Learn how to develop a continuous feedback culture and train managers to mentor and coach their reports effectively.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the most challenging areas for companies. What is the future of DEI? How will it impact the organizations of teams of tomorrow? How can you ensure your company will meet its DEI goals and be able to form the ideal, diverse teams?


Being a Change Leader

Change is the new normal. How can you help the organization develop a natural capability for change?  And how can you plan a talent strategy that is adaptable to change?


Compensation and The Gig Economy

This module delves into the booming gig economy and how your HR strategy can be optimized by taking advantage of it.


Flexible L&D

Different employees learn in different ways, so often there is not a one size fits all approach. This module goes into best practices in agile learning and experimentation.  L&D should support flexibility in career paths.


Metrics of Success

We discuss the new metrics of success for HR leaders and teams, and the best ways to track them using the OKR methodology.


YOUR Future of Work - Career and Leadership Strategy

With your newfound knowledge and insight, this important module gives you practical skills for positioning yourself as an HR leader in the Future of Work! What will be your USP?


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The Modern Day HR Leader is More

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