Our client was a large University with different global campuses. The IT department wanted to harness AI to:

  • Improve student engagement, retention, and success.
  • Streamline administrative processes and reduce operational costs.

Our Approach

We engaged all stakeholders in the change management process, including students, faculty, and staff. We hosted workshops, feedback sessions, and innovative trainings across regions, to ensure that everyone understood and embraced the role of AI in the institution.

To enhance student awareness engagement, we led training and communications around the new AI-driven efforts, as well as helped improve the IT department’s agile delivery. We helped implemented AI-driven chatbots and virtual advisors within the Learning Management System (LMS). These systems provided immediate support for student inquiries, course recommendations, and personalized academic planning.

We also helped the IT Department to automate administrative processes with AI solutions. These included chatbots for handling administrative inquiries, AI-driven data analytics for tracking student performance, and AI-powered admissions software for faster applicant evaluation.


Student Success: The introduction of AI-driven student services led to increased engagement and personalized support, resulting in a 10% improvement in student retention rates and a 15% increase in student success rates.

Administrative Efficiency: The University saw a significant reduction in administrative overhead costs due to the automation of inquiries and administrative processes. This resulted in a ~20% cost savings.