Team Leader Coaching

for Startups and SMBs

“You got to the root of what was holding me and my team back from performing to our collective potential.  ” Devin R., Engineering Lead at Series A healthcare startup

Our team leader coaching approaches are right for your business if….


– You have a new leader or manager who needs to improve their effectiveness quickly


– You want to improve team efficiency, effectiveness, and performance by sparking more collaboration. 


– You want 1-on-1 communication and leadership coaching for yourself that gets results fast 


– You need conflict management support for your team



What We Do

Manager Coaching

  • 360 degree management style assessment

  • Personalized coaching roadmap and milestones

  • Communication skills training

  • Public speaking training

  • Emotional intelligence/Soft skills training

  • Agile leadership training


Team Coaching

  • Team operations and communication assessment 

  • Team Building Games and Activities

  • Communication skills training

  • Conflict management

  • Collaboration tools training

  • Culture and employee engagement

  • Agile coaching 


“You are magic!”

– Cheryl L.., Spark Ventures

What is My Company’s Culture? A Quick Company Culture Assessment

   Our team often get asked two questions:   1.  How do I know what my company culture is? and   2. How do you change it?    Well, you could say these are both “loaded questions"!    #2 is something that if we had a formula or recipe for, we...

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