New Manager Training: We Turn Managers into Leaders. Period.

We use equal-parts people analytics and emotional intelligence in our new manager training to teach key leadership skills and GET RESULTS FAST. 

Our New Manager Training – It’s a No-Brainer!


Here’s how our new manager training is different:  

  • Our small but mighty team have all been HR leaders at top companies across industries. So, we bring a strong strategic, business focus to HR to boost training results.

  • We use our advanced people analytics tool to understand quickly what the team needs. Then, we design training and coaching strategies to make an impact quickly. 

  • We also utilize our expertise in neuroscience and coaching to improve new manager training and effectiveness. 
  • Modules include fundamentals and best practices in team Performance Management, Team Design, and Change Management. However, in addition, we go deeper into communication, conflict management, and EQ skills training. 



We create value by combining our unique expertise in…

Data and Analytics

Business Strategy

Neuroscience and Behavior

…And Some Creativity 

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From New Manager to Leader Workshop - Free Introduction and Assessment

Free introductory session and discussion on the attributes of a powerful leader. What does a leader do vs. what a manager does? How do the mindsets and behaviors differ? In this session, you will also take a quick behavioral assessment to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. 

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How to Have Effective Team Meetings

Think beyond the boring weekly status meeting! How can you make team meetings more inspiring, innovative, and collaborative? How can you ensure inclusion? We go over some best practices for maximizing employee engagement in meetings.


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How to Manage Performance of Your Team

How can you be a coach for team members and help each individual team member reach his/her professional goals? What kinds of processes do you need to follow? What behaviors do you need to change or improve?


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How to Communicate Authentically

Being a leader requires a level of vulnerability and transparency. As a manager, you have a unique responsibility to learn how to share and understand feelings. This is an EQ and soft skills training module that can dramatically transform your effectiveness.


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How to Lead a Team Through Change

Change is the new normal. Given that, how can you lead effectively through rapidly changing market and organizational conditions?


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How to Hire the Right Team

This module trains in how to first determine the skill needs and behavioral profiles that will most enhance your team’s performance. Then, you’ll learn some of the best ways to screen candidates throughout the recruiting process to find your ideal fit. 


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How to Manage a Distributed Workforce

The remote workplace presents a new set of challenges for new managers. Find the balance between micromanaging and letting go. How can you give team members autonomy while also ensuring that work is getting done? By the end, we’ll do a thorough review of best practices and tools for the remote workplace.


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How to Inspire and Influence Your Team

The final module explores best practices and techniques for communicating your team’s vision and motivating action. How can you communicate to persuade?




Our signature new manager training program combines behavioral data + EQ to spark fast transformation for clients.    

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