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Our Story

We’re a small yet mighty team. We are organizational design and HR leaders, who have held top positions at consulting firms like Accenture, KPMG,  and Deloitte.

Over time in our careers, we noticed that a big piece of the organizational puzzle seemed to be missing on the engagements we worked on: Culture.

So, we decided to start our organizational design consulting and HR coaching firm. We dedicated ourselves to addressing people and culture, in the most sophisticated ways possible.  

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Why work with us?

  • – We combine cutting-edge people analytics tools with EQ and personalized coaching to get fast ROI.  Using our assessments, we’re able to get to the root of inefficiencies quickly and solve them.  
  • – We’ve been able to cut HR and operating costs in 1/2 and accelerate team performance.  We’ve done this by combining our people analytics tools + expertise across business, data and AI, neuroscience, and EQ.

   – We go much beyond traditional HR coaching and consulting. We        understand that it’s not just about recruiting top talent but keeping them through the right culture, processes, and tools.

Best of all, we’ve developed tools and methods for measuring organizational culture and tying it to performance. We find the root causes of poor business performance quickly, dramatically improving growth and ROI.


Our Happiness Guarantee

Client satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we give our 150% to make it happen! Our promise to

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- Trust. We'll always be honest with you on our recommendations, even if means less business for us. 

- Customization. We'll take the time to understand your company's unique priorities and context.

- Collaboration. We'll regularly communicate with you to incorporate feedback.

- Superior Customer Support. Our team will be available to address your questions or concerns promptly.

- Fast Results. We will deliver on or before time.


If for any reason you're not thrilled with our work, contact our support team and we'll make it right!



 We’ve worked best with leaders who…

  • Have a solid strategy and are struggling with getting their teams to propel it
  • Need to improve a manager or leader’s effectiveness(maybe even your own!)
  • Are struggling after a major change or pivot(e.g. layoffs, role changes, technology or process changes) 
  • Need a strategic ​People/HR leader without the high expense
  • Want to develop an effective data-driven DEI strategy


Our Unique Formula for ROI

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Behavioral Science

Business Strategy

…and a Touch of Innovation

“You’re the ideal blend of hard and soft skills.”

CEO of early-stage B2B HR Tech startup

We’ve worked with startups to

multinational clients.


“You asked just the right questions! Thanks to your expertise across the board we significantly improved team ROI.”~ Steve A., Executive Director at NYU

Why Workplaces and Individuals Need Storytelling Training

Why Workplaces and Individuals Need Storytelling Training

When was the last time you were taught something to – or worse – preached something to? How did it feel?

Here is a story about something that happened a few years back at one of my clients.

“The New Rules”

A couple years back, I was leading change management for a Higher Education institution. One day, all department consultants and employees were called to attend a presentation regarding new policies and processes around accessibility.

For change management, this meant designing communications and training with people of different abilities in mind, an important lesson for us all.

The 2 hour long meeting presented the “new rules.” Things like colors that should and shouldn’t be used; modalities that should and shouldn’t be utilized; support and training capabilities to implement, etc.

Unfortunately, most of the audience were on their social media, only pretending to pay attention and take notes.

The question is, why did the audience not give more importance to such an important topic? Do people just not care about the disabled?

Stories Remind Us to Care

Over the years, I have attended many such presentations and workshops, and most of them are missing one thing: Stories. The unfortunate thing about the human mind is that as important as we might know something is in theorywe also often need reminders.

How many non-African Americans were as conscious of racism and bias in modern society, until the recent George Floyd incident took place?

Sure, everyone knew it was a problem, but let’s be honest. Most people weren’t paying much of their limited attention spans on it. Even DESPITE knowing similar, gruesome stories in the not too distant past: Rodney King, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and so many others.

Yes, unfortunately, it’s only now that this real-life story has occurred and come into our awareness again that people are, again, consciously making diversity and inclusion a priority. Companies are again revitalizing their Diversity and Inclusion programs as a major effort.

In an Increasingly ADHD World, Storytelling Training is Essential

The truth is, we humans have limited attention spans. Our attention quickly gets usurped by our day to day happenings and priorities.

Thus, leaders can’t run the risk of ASSUMING that their organizations know why a change is important and just ‘skip over’ that part.

Stories remind, stories evoke emotion, and stories compel action. Not theories, not rules, not processes.

So, want people to behave differently? Learn how to tell stories.

The Accessibility presentation at my Higher Ed client would have had a completely different impact, if the presenters had started off with a compelling true story that the audience could relate to.

Perhaps, the story of how a blind freshman at the University recently suffered lower grades, simply due to the fact that he couldn’t access materials communicating important IT changes that had been made. OK, that got my attention. Now, what do I need to change?

Leaders need to invest in storytelling training for themselves, and then role model storytelling in the organization. Ideally, they will make stories an integral part of the company culture. Because sharing stories in the workplace increases employee engagement, improves collaboration, and allows for increased inclusion.

And above all, stories spark action.

We use storytelling training to help companies navigate organizational change.

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“The Organizational Assessment was the most valuable for me. Learning what was really standing in the way, especially with our diversity training was the first step to improving employee engagement.” HR Director at Series B Healthcare Tech 

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5 Ways to Measure Organizational Culture

5 Ways to Measure Organizational Culture

Culture has long been a favorite corporate buzzword — along with “agile,” “diversity,” “customer-centric,” among other favorites.  But these terms, over time, become so overused that we almost forget what they mean and how they impact us. They become boxes to...

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