workshops designed for the future of work

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Leadership and Manager Development

The hard and soft skills needed to be an effective manager and leader of the future. Workshops in performance management, emotional intelligence, effective communication, change management, team facilitation, and more. 

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Leadership Alignment

Leadership strategy sessions and alignment workshops for solidifying vision, strategy, and culture + a communication plan across the organization. 

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Diversity and Inclusion

Workshops designed for leadership, HR, as well as employees on unconscious bias, hiring best practices, inclusion practices, and storytelling for the workplace. 

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EQ Labs

Transform your company’s culture with a weekly EQ lab session for teams to learn powerful agile skills while connecting and supporting one another.

All workshops are driven and customized by our suite of assessments and advanced people analytics. 

Strategic HR Coaching Program

About Us

We’re dedicated to creating inclusive and interactive learning experiences for organizations and their employees. We do this using our unique combination of business expertise, neuroscience, people analytics, and creativity to make every learning experience memorable and enriching. 


“Leadership”​ is Becoming Obsolete

If you go to the business section of a Barnes and Noble, you'll most likely see an majority of books on the subject of leadership: "Smart Leadership", "Servant Leadership", "Quiet Leadership", "The Power of Positive Leadership," etc. etc. It seems we are all trying so...

How an Organization is Like an Orchestra

How an Organization is Like an Orchestra

Not too long ago, I met with a group of musicians to “jam,” or improvise together after a while.  In our eclectic group was a guitarist, a Middle Eastern drummer, a jazz pianist, and two vocalists(one of them myself). We had all never played together before. We were...

What Neuroscience Tells Us About the Future of Work

When we think about the future of work, we often think about AI, big data, and machine learning. We know that our abilities in these fields will deliver high returns as we build our careers. Yet, with the rapidly changing pace of technology, the ability to support...

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